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What is a typical date for a proposal? Introduce location and preparation

“I want to schedule a proposal, but I don’t know the general flow.”
“I want to know how to prepare for the proposal.”

Advance preparation and planning are important in order not to fail at the proposal.
However, when planning a proposal, many people may be struggling with the schedule and arrangements.
Therefore, in this article, we will introduce the general schedule of the proposal and the preparations you want to do before then.
If you are going to challenge the proposal from now on, please refer to it.

What is the general schedule (flow) of a proposal?

First of all, I will introduce the flow of common proposals as a time schedule.

10:00 – Meet up 
Start your special day with a little extra time.
Wait for your partner in a slightly more fashionable outfit than usual.

12:00 – Lunch
The dinner restaurant is the actual proposal.
Have a little less lunch.

13:00 – 17:00 Date
Enjoy your date as usual.
If you can find a spot you want to go on a date in advance ◎

18:00 – Arrive at the restaurant
Finally arrived at the proposal restaurant.
Escort her to her seat with her hands on her back and hips.

18:05 – Cheers
Dinner started with a champagne toast.
First of all, enjoy your meal and conversation.

19:30 – Enjoy the main dish
Course meals are common for proposal dinners.
After enjoying the main dish, pretend to go to the restroom and get up.

19:35 – Reappear with a proposal gift
Propose to her while handing her a present.
After receiving a reply to the proposal, enjoy an after-dinner dessert together.

20:00 – Check out

How to determine when and how to propose

Now that you have covered the flow of the proposal, next we will introduce how to determine when to propose.

A good time to cut your age

In general, many couples propose and get married when they reach a suitable age, such as 30.
Many women, especially those who want children, want to get married before their 30s.
If you’ve been together too long and don’t know when to start getting married, how about deciding when to propose based on your age?

When people started getting married

When people around you start getting married, the feeling of “I want to get married soon” will increase, regardless of gender.
Therefore, it is also recommended to propose according to the surrounding marriage rush.
On the other hand, if people around you are married but you are late in proposing, it may lead to a sense of distrust from the other person, thinking that they may not be interested in getting married.

When you see a sign that you want to get married from a woman

If a woman wants to talk about their future together or let her meet her parents, it’s a sign that she wants to get married soon.
If you can propose at such timing, the success rate of the proposal will increase.
Other signs of marriage from women include interest in marriage information magazines and more stories about married friends.

After dating for 1-2 years

Since there are many couples who get married after dating for 1-2 years, there is also the idea of proposing after dating for 1-2 years.
If you date for more than a year, you will be able to understand each other’s tastes and personalities, and it will be easier to imagine spending time together in the future.
On the other hand, there is a high possibility that you do not understand each other immediately after dating, and there is a risk that the success rate will decrease if you propose too early.

What is the best place to propose

Just as important as deciding the date of the proposal is choosing the location of the proposal.
So, here are 4 proposal spots recommended by the Proposal Concierge.

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When you think of a proposal, many people probably have an image of doing it after having lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant.
Restaurants are often chosen as proposal spots, and there are many restaurants that have special plans for proposals.
If you ask in advance, the staff at the restaurant will bring you a gift for the proposal, or they will keep it for you. It is a recommended spot.


Along with the restaurant, the hotel is also one of the places that can be said to be a royal proposal spot.
When proposing at a hotel, it is common to reserve a room that is more luxurious than you normally stay, such as a suite.
There are many cases where the room is decorated in a proposal style and the proposal is made in the room.
If it is a hotel, you can also propose at the restaurant in the hotel.
The advantage of a hotel is that you can spend time together after the proposal.

One’s home

Due to the corona crisis, the number of proposals at home has increased in recent years.
If you are at home, you can propose without worrying about the eyes around you, and you can proceed with the preparations as you wish.
If you are proposing at home, you can make it feel special by decorating the room with balloons and other decorations.


For those who want to convey their sincere feelings in a proposal, or want to make a gorgeous presentation for a once-in-a-lifetime proposal, we recommend a proposal at the chapel.
You can rent out the chapel where the actual wedding ceremony is held and propose like a wedding ceremony.
The virgin road and the chapel with stained glass are very photogenic, so it is recommended for couples who want to keep their proposal photos.

Preparations required before proposal

Preparation is key to a successful proposal.
Here are three things you should prepare in addition to deciding the schedule and venue.

Do Homework

Be sure to do some local research so that you can smartly escort your partner throughout the day, including not only the place you want to propose, but also the date spots you want to visit before the proposal.
If necessary, we will also make advance reservations.
If possible, it is a good idea to visit the place once and see with your own eyes where the dates and proposals will take place.

Prepare a Present

Presents are not required for the proposal, but presents will liven up the occasion and will be appreciated by the other party.
An engagement ring is a standard gift for a proposal, but recently some women think that they don’t need an engagement ring because it costs money.
In addition to rings, bouquets and necklaces are also standard gifts, so why not think about gifts that the other person will like and prepare them?

Decide on an Outfit

Attire is one of the most important aspects of a proposal.
Whether you’re proposing at a restaurant, hotel, or even at home, try to dress smarter than usual.
Many women want to take pictures after the proposal, so if you take care of your partner’s appearance, they will be even more pleased.

How to propose offers a styling plan for men and a rental styling plan for women to change into a dress on the day of the proposal.
If you are worried about the clothes for the proposal, please check it once.


When planning your proposal, you’ll be more satisfied with your proposal if you decide not only how long you’ll propose, but also how you’ll spend your day.
Decide where you’re going to propose first, then think about what you’re going to do before and after the proposal.

If you are too busy to make a proposal plan or you cannot make a proposal plan by yourself, it is recommended to consult with a proposal concierge.
In How to propose, the concierge proposes the best proposal plan for the two of you.
If you have any questions about the proposal plan, please feel free to contact us.