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10 recommended proposal spots in Yokohama|Introducing tips and procedures for success

“I want to know the recommended situation for a proposal”
“I want to know where I can propose in Yokohama.”

When proposing, choosing a place is also important to create an atmosphere.
In this article, we have compiled a list of recommended proposal spots in Yokohama.
If you are thinking of proposing around Yokohama, please refer to it.

What’s the best place to propose?

Before we check the proposal spots in Yokohama, let’s check what kind of places are generally chosen as proposal spots.

If you want to make a romantic proposal, night view spots, high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, etc. are recommended.
Proposing in a special place with a special view that is different from usual will enhance the atmosphere and will definitely please women.
If you prepare a gift that matches the atmosphere of the proposal spot, you will be even more happy.

If you want to propose in a natural way without getting too overwhelmed, we recommend a place with a view of the sea or a park.
If you are close to nature, you can propose in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why don’t you choose a proposal spot based on what kind of atmosphere you want to propose and what kind of proposal you will be pleased with?

10 Best Places to Propose in Yokohama

From here, we will introduce proposal spots for each situation.

First of all, if you want to enjoy a date, here

If you want to enjoy a date before proposing, how about going to the following two places that are popular as date spots in Yokohama?

1. Yokohama Chinatown
Yokohama Chinatown, where you can easily enjoy Chinese food, is recommended for gourmet lovers.
In addition to eating while walking, you can also enter a high-end Chinese restaurant and enjoy a sumptuous meal.
There are also luxury hotels around the station, so it would be nice to propose at the hotel after enjoying a date.

2. Red Brick Warehouse
The red brick warehouse is lined with stylish restaurants and cafes.
There is also a bridal-related general store, which is perfect for a date before a proposal.
Events are often held on weekends, so if you go during an event period that suits women’s tastes, they’ll be even happier.
Because there is also a square, it is also famous as a proposal spot using a flash mob.

If you want to enjoy the night view, here

If you want to enjoy the night view in Yokohama, we recommend the illuminated spots near the Red Brick Warehouse.
Here are some particularly recommended cruises and Ferris wheels.

3. Osanbashi Bridge
Osanbashi is a popular sightseeing spot in Yokohama, and it is a recommended night view spot where you can see Minato Mirai and the Red Brick Warehouse.
There is a proposal plan that charters a cruise, so how about proposing in a space just for the two of you while watching the night view?

4. Minatomirai
Yokohama Minatomirai, which is located near the Red Brick Warehouse, is Yokohama’s number one tourist spot with shopping malls and high-rise restaurants.
If you are going to propose in Minatomirai, how about enjoying shopping during the day and riding the big Ferris wheel called “Cosmo Rock 21” at night?
If you propose at the top of the Ferris wheel, it should be a wonderful proposal.

Recommended parks

Next, we will introduce two parks in Yokohama recommended for those who want to propose naturally in nature.

5. Yamate Italian Mountain Garden
Yamate Italian Garden is a charming spot with an Italian style garden.
The roses are in full bloom from spring to summer, making them perfect for proposals.
Also, during the Christmas season, the garden is decorated with candles, creating a magical atmosphere, so we recommend visiting during this time.

6. Harbor View Hill Park
Minato-no-Mieru Oka Park is a park rich in nature located a little away from Chinatown.
Known as a famous spot for roses in Yokohama, the roses are in full bloom in spring and autumn.
How about proposing with a bouquet of roses while looking at the roses blooming in the park?
After enjoying a date in Chinatown, it would be nice to go to the park and propose.

Recommended restaurants

A high-class restaurant popular as a proposal spot.
Here are some recommended restaurants in Yokohama.

7. Tower Restaurant Yokohama
“Tower Restaurant Yokohama” is a restaurant located on the 4th floor of Yokohama Marine Tower.
You can enjoy French cuisine on the open terrace, and it is also used as a wedding after-party venue.
There is a special plan for proposals, and you can prepare for the proposal while meeting with the staff, so it is recommended for those who want to make a surprise proposal.

8. Oriental Beach
“Oriental Beach” is a dining near Minatomirai.
The interior of the store is designed in the image of an overseas resort hotel, and the chic atmosphere creates a stylish proposal.
The chef’s French cuisine made with carefully selected ingredients will surely please your gourmet girlfriend.
One of the reasons why it is popular as a proposal spot is the view of Yokohama Port from the windows.

Recommended chapels

We will introduce a chapel in Yokohama recommended for those who want to make a serious proposal.

9. Anniversaire Minatomirai Yokohama
“Anniversaire Minatomirai Yokohama” is a sacred chapel located in Minatomirai.
You can rent out the chapel that is used for weddings, such as stained glass and virgin road, and propose.
It is recommended for those who want to convey their serious thoughts with a proposal.

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10. Yokohama Royal Park Hotel
“Yokohama Royal Park Hotel” has a chapel based on white.
How about making a proposal plan by combining it with other plans, such as booking a hotel suite or dining at a restaurant with a panoramic view of Yokohama?

What are the tips for a successful proposal?

Finally, here are three tips for a successful proposal.

Prepare a present

Presents are required for proposals.
By having a present, you can leave the memories of the proposal in a form.
Typical gifts include bouquets, letters, and rings.

Think of words

Even with the same proposal, the impression will change if the words are different.
It is recommended to say “Please marry me” as straight as possible.
Also, it would be nice to look back on the memories you have had so far and tell them why you wanted to get married.

Keep yourself groomed

If you cut corners with your clothes, your proposal will not make a good impression.
Instead of casual clothes, prepare fashionable clothes for the proposal.
It is also important to take care of her clothes.
If you’re going to make a surprise proposal, it’s a good idea to use a styling service so that she can change into appropriate clothes on the day of the proposal.

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There are many spots suitable for proposals in Yokohama.
Let’s choose the best proposal spot according to the taste of the woman and what kind of atmosphere you want to propose.

Also, when proposing, there are other things to consider other than choosing a place, such as gifts, clothes, and words.
If you are worried about it alone, please consult How to Propose, a proposal professional.