Stained glass that lets in light,
and the aisle as a dream for many people.
The current trend is proposing in a ”chapel” for those who wish to propose surrounded by such a sacred space.

You can propose with peace of mind
with the follow-up system of the proposal planner.

Each venue has a proposal planner who is also a wedding specialist.
We will do our best to support your once-in-a-lifetime proposal and make it a reality, so don't worry if you are not good at surprises.

You can convey the seriousness.

Proposing at the chapel can convey the "seriousness" of your feelings for your partner.
There should be no one who would not be impressed by the appearance of earnestly proposing in front of God.
Since it is easy to convey their seriousness, there are many people who make a second proposal in the chapel for a fresh start.

It is also recommended for people who didn't have much preparation for the first proposal and would like to start over and propose again.

Proposing in the situation your partner longs for is sure to leave a good impression not only on them, but also on their parents.

Can be used for profile/end roll movies

The option to save the moment of the proposal in photos and videos is popular not only in the chapel, but especially in the chapel, the photos and videos are very nice. The proposal, which takes place in the sacred atmosphere of stained glass and a virgin road, is like a scene from a movie.

It's such a wonderful scene that you'll want to use it in your wedding movie.