Proposals are much nicer and more memorable
when you have a "collaborator".

Your partner wants to be impressed more than you can imagine.
More than you might think, your partner wants to keep their memories alive.
A little production and the blessings of the people around your partner
will surely increase your partner's emotion and make it a memorable one.

We have carefully selected some special restaurants for you,
who are carefully timing to bring up the proposal,
who are trying to express your feelings while carefully choosing your words.

They support you from the bottom of their heart and watch over you warmly.

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  • お食事スタート


  • プロポーズ


  • デザートタイム


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  • プロポーズシチューエション



*Consult with the proposal planner at the meeting regarding time and progress


Proposal Lunch(ペア15,000円(税込))
  • Plan

    Proposal Lunch

  • Benefit

    Dessert Plate

Proposal Dinner(ペア39,000円(税込))
  • Plan

    Proposal Dinner

  • Benefit

    Dessert Plate

  • ※Benefit: We will ask you about the message on the dessert plate when you make a reservation.
    ※The above prices are approximate.
    Please feel free to contact us as we will design a plan while asking about your favorite products.






  • ■専任のコンシェルジュ
  • ■コンシェルジュの現地サポート(プラン・ご希望に合わせて)
  • ■イメージにあわせた当日スケジュールのご提案
  • ■当日のスケジュール作成
  • ■メインスケジュール以外の場所などのお探し、ご提案(更に手配代行までご希望の場合、手配料10%にて可能です)
  • ■オリジナルミニフォトブック
  • ■フラワーギフト購入の方へ、姉妹サイトパティスリーフラワー商品のお持ち帰り用袋プレゼント

Recommended for your partner who like night views of the city. Savor the orthodox French cuisine with heartfelt hospitality
in an elegant space where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city from the 35th floor."

  • Store Name

    Sens & Saveurs

  • Address

    Marunouchi Building 35F, 2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒100-6335

  • Nearest station

    Tokyo Station

  • Access

    ・2-minute walk from JR Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit
    ・Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Tokyo Station Marunouchi Underground Central Exit via underground passage
    ・2-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nijubashimae Station Exit 5

  • Regular Holiday


Recommended for your partner
who longs for a "chateau" (mansion)
A restaurant perfect for a proposal, with a dramatic dining room with sparkling chandeliers
and a gentle spiral staircase, and four private rooms with different designs.

  • Store Name


  • Address

    1-6-4 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • Nearest station

    Roppongi Station

  • Access

    ・5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station Exit 2
    ・8-minute walk from Toei Oedo Line Roppongi Station Exit 4b

  • Regular Holiday

    Every Wednesday (If it falls on a holiday, it will be moved to the next day.)

Nationwide Store List

  • MaruyamaFrench Cuisine


    A gastronomy time to spend in a longing Maruyama house

  • Sapporo・Ekimae-doriFrench Cuisine


    A great location overlooking the red brick government building

  • RoppongiFrench Cuisine


    Luxurious time spent in the longing chateau

  • RoppongiFrench Cuisine


    The sacred place of Champagne with a beautiful night view

  • GinzaFrench Cuisine


    A dish of art in a luxury space

  • TokyoFrench Cuisine

    Sens & Saveurs

    Enjoy adult gastronomy in a space that monopolizes the night view of Tokyo

    Sens & Saveurs
  • DaikanyamaItalian Food


    A house surrounded by greenery that everyone longs for

  • DaikanyamaFrench Cuisine

    Maison Paul Bocuse

    Traditional and style dishes and luxurious and elegant space

    Maison Paul Bocuse
  • Kanazawa/HirosakaFrench Cuisine

    Jardin Paul Bocuse

    One dish to enjoy with the historical buildings in Kanazawa

    Jardin Paul Bocuse
  • Nagoya/MeiekiFrench Cuisine


    Traditional gastronomy to enjoy in a beautiful night view

  • HigashiyamaFrench Cuisine

    RESTAURANT Hiramatsu Kodaiji

    Exclusive the view of Kyoto in front of the Yasaka tower

    RESTAURANT Hiramatsu Kodaiji
  • NakanoshimaFrench Cuisine


    A gorgeous gastronomy with a superb view of 200m above the ground

  • NishiumedaItalian Food


    The exciting space of the gorgeous chandelier

  • NakasukawabataFrench Cuisine

    RESTAURANT Hiramatsu Hakata

    Elegant space and orthodox French cuisine

    RESTAURANT Hiramatsu Hakata
  • TenjinItalian Food

    RISTORANTE Kubotsu

    Enjoy Kyushu to your heart's content at a famous ristorante you longed for

    RISTORANTE Kubotsu


Reservation Inquiry

First of all, please contact us
from the form below
regarding the schedule, plan, request, etc.

It is a required item.

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  • *If you would like a proposal item set plan, please fill in the amount in the remarks column. We will introduce the products later.
  • ※If there is anything you would like to discuss, such as the flow of the day, please enter it.
  • ※Please write in the remarks column if you have any allergies or dislikes. Please enter ingredients. The Concierge Desk will confirm and consult with you when you contact us for confirmation.
  • ※Payment is by credit card.
    If you would like to make payment by a method other than a credit card, please enter it here.
  • ※We will reply within 24 hours. (Excluding Saturdays and Sundays)

< Cancellation Policy & Notes >

  • ・Cancellation charges will be as follows after reservation is accepted and payment is confirmed.
  • ・In the case of cancellation, it will be considered effective as soon as it is received by phone or e-mail, and the refund will be made to the customer's designated bank account within 3 business days.
  • ・If you pay by credit card and receive a refund, the credit card company will charge a fee.
  •  We will refund the amount minus the handling fee.
  • ・This plan comes with a dedicated concierge who will need support such as schedule adjustment, reservation agency, and schedule creation on the day. Therefore, a production fee of 16,500 yen (including tax) may be charged.

From 6 days to 2 days before the reservation date
80% of meal plan
From the day before to the day
100% of meal plan
※We are proceeding with the arrangement, so we cannot refund the "production fee" after receiving your payment.
A cancellation fee may be charged depending on the reservation plan, such as last-minute schedule or content changes.

・Refund fees will be borne by the customer.
・We may not be able to offer the listed price depending on the season. In that case, we will notify you in advance.

< Handling of Personal Information >

Uca Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), in the service provided on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service"), Regarding the handling of users' personal information, we have established a privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this policy") as follows.
Article 1 (Personal Information)
"Personal information" means "personal information" as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law, and is information about a living individual, including the name, Information that can identify a specific individual such as date of birth, address, telephone number, contact information, etc., data related to facial features, fingerprints, voiceprints, and information such as insurer numbers on health insurance cards to identify specific individuals It refers to information that can identify a person (personal identification information).
Article 2 (How to collect personal information)
When a user registers for use, we will collect information such as name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, bank account number, credit card number, driver's license number, etc. We may ask you for your personal information. In addition, transaction records and information related to payments, including the user's personal information, made between users and business partners, etc., will be shared with our business partners (including information providers, advertisers, ad distribution destinations, etc.). (hereinafter referred to as "Partners"), etc.
Article 3 (Purpose of collecting and using personal information)
Our company collects and uses personal information for the following purposes.

  1. To provide and operate our services
  2. To respond to user inquiries (including verifying identity)
  3. To send e-mails about new features, updates, campaigns, etc. of the services the user is using, and other services provided by the Company
  4. For maintenance, important notices, and other necessary communications
  5. To identify users who have violated the Terms of Service or who attempt to use the service for illegal or unjust purposes and to refuse their use
  6. To allow users to view, change, or delete their own registration information, and view usage status
  7. To bill users for usage fees in paid services
  8. Purposes incidental to the above purposes
Article 4 (Change in purpose of use)
We will change the purpose of use of personal information only if it is reasonably recognized that the purpose of use is relevant to the purpose before the change.
If the purpose of use is changed, the changed purpose shall be notified to the user or announced on this website by the method prescribed by the Company.
Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)
  1. We will not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the prior consent of the user, except in the following cases. However, this excludes cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.
    1. Our company will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the user's prior consent, except in the following cases. However, this excludes cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.
      1. When it is necessary to protect a person's life, body, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person.
      2. When it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the healthy upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned.
      3. In cases where it is necessary to cooperate with a national agency, local government, or a person entrusted by them in carrying out the affairs stipulated by laws and regulations, obtaining the consent of the person concerned may interfere with the execution of the affairs. when there is a risk of
      4. When the following matters have been announced or announced in advance and the Company has notified the Personal Information Protection Commission
        1. Including provision to third parties in the purpose of use
        2. Items of data provided to third parties
        3. Means or method of provision to a third party
        4. Stop providing personal information to third parties at the request of the person
        5. How to accept a person's request
    2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the following cases, the recipient of the information shall not be a third party.
      1. When we outsource all or part of the handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use
      2. When personal information is provided in connection with business succession due to merger or other reasons
      3. When personal information is jointly used with a specific person, that fact, the items of personal information to be jointly used, When the person is notified in advance of the scope of users, the purpose of use of the person using the personal information, and the name of the person responsible for the management of the personal information, or is placed in a state where the person can easily know it
Article 6 (Disclosure of Personal Information)
  1. When the person requests disclosure of personal information, we will disclose it to the person without delay. However, if the disclosure falls under any of the following, we may not disclose all or part of it, and if we decide not to disclose it, we will notify you without delay. A fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each disclosure of personal information.
    1. If there is a risk of harming the life, body, property or other rights and interests of the person or a third party
    2. When there is a risk of significant hindrance to the proper conduct of our business
    3. Other cases that violate laws and regulations
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in principle, information other than personal information such as history information and characteristic information will not be disclosed.
Article 7 (Correction and Deletion of Personal Information)
  1. If the user's own personal information held by the company is incorrect information, the user will correct the personal information and ask the company to correct it according to the procedures specified by the company. You can request additions or deletions (hereinafter referred to as "corrections, etc.").
  2. If we receive a request from the user as described in the preceding paragraph and determine that it is necessary to respond to the request, we will correct the personal information without delay. shall be
  3. If we make corrections, etc. based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or if we decide not to make corrections, etc., we will notify the user without delay. To do.
Article 8 (Suspension of use of personal information, etc.)
  1. We will notify you that the personal information is being handled beyond the scope of the purpose of use, or that it was acquired by fraudulent means. If, for any reason, suspension of use or erasure (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc.") is requested, the necessary investigation will be conducted without delay.
  2. If it is determined that it is necessary to respond to the request based on the investigation results in the preceding paragraph, we will suspend the use of the personal information without delay.
  3. If the Company suspends use, etc. based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, or if it decides not to suspend use, etc., the Company will notify the Company without delay. Notify users.
  4. Notwithstanding the preceding two paragraphs, in cases where suspension of use, etc. entails a large amount of costs or other cases in which it is difficult to suspend use, etc., the user's rights and interests If you can take alternative measures necessary to protect
Article 9 (Privacy Policy Changes)
  1. The contents of this policy can be changed without notifying the user, except for laws and regulations and other matters otherwise specified in this policy. .
  2. Unless otherwise specified by the Company, the changed privacy policy shall take effect from the time it is posted on this website.
Article 10 (Inquiries)
For inquiries regarding this policy, please contact the contact below.

Address: 1F Oashi Building, 12-5 Uguisudani-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0032
Company name: Uca Co., Ltd. [English notation Uca Co., Ltd.]
Email address:

We will guide you about credit card payment after the schedule is confirmed.